miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


La cosa fue así. El sello discográfico Indiecater Records de los EEUU decidió pedirle a 32 de sus bandas que escribieran y compusieran una canción por cada selección que participara del Mundial de Fútbol de Sudáfrica. Bandas como Showstar, The Invisible Clock Factory y The Yellow Melodies participaron de este disco titulado "Fast Forward: The World Cup Goes Indie" y en donde el tema de la Selección Chilena le correspondió al grupo Manwomanchild. La canción se llama "Chile La Roja" y tiene un estilo muy a lo Velvet Underground, algo de dance punk y, por supuesto, bastante indie.

Acá está el link de los tracks (también se pueden oir online):

Y acá, en el video de más abajo, el tema "Chile La Roja", y su letra. El video no es el oficial, pero se puede escuchar el tema íntegramente.

Cut the big joke! looking for a (...)
I was on fire and about to retire.,
Something came up, they pulled me back in
You think you moved on but the past is coming back again!

Phone call BIG phone but it doesn't match at all
I was the bird you would let me escape
I was born to be rich so i'm too far away...
U should check it the size of my brand new game...

It's got SUAZO!
Got Bravo!

Chile takes the ball: the crowd exploooodes!
And in the stands, the fans keep chanting GOAL!
'Cause It's in their hearts.
They know this is the gaaaaaaaaame!
For years they've been ignored... but not today!

Jetlag, contract, looking for my mom and dad,
I cant believe the things I've seen,
The city has changed since last time i checked here...
People are nice, but I feel like a visitor!

Good man, tell chum, looking for the promised land!
I would have lied would have died to be known
My keys to the doors as they toss me the bones
I bitch all the time but it's worse when they leave you alone...

Manwomanchild - "Chile La Roja"

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